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Genderless Baby Re-Blog

Hey everyone,

A while back I wrote a post called The Amazing Genderless Baby! in which I talked about gender-neutral parenting and parents who choose not to disclose the sex of their child.

The Bitch Magazine website has just published a blog post dealing with the same subject.  In the post, titled “End of Gender: Raising a Ruckus” author Malic White argues that:

The conflation of “sex” and “gender”—the belief in the “biological truth” that those assigned female at birth are “women” and that those assigned male are “men”—is everywhere. Despite Chaz Bono’s widely publicized mantra that “gender is between your ears, not your legs,” the gender police still peek down our pants and up our skirts to determine gender differences.

This belief is what causes many people to argue that gender-neutral parenting is trying to fight biology, and therefore, futile.  As I’ve said before, these parents aren’t trying to eradicate gender — which is why the “genderless baby” claim is false — but rather, allow their children as many options and freedom to express themselves as possible.

Genderless? Not quite . . .

Gender-neutral parenting is about protecting children from being placed in that narrow, confining, little gender box as soon as people know what sex they are.  Referring to children whose parents have been in the media over the last year for their gender-neutral parenting, White states:

The conversation around raising kids like Storm and Sasha accuses parents of assigning their children “genderless” identities. But according to these parents, they’re letting their kids explore a range of options.

Exactly!  I plan to give my (future) kids as many options as possible.

Here to help explain the whole “gender is between your ears” concept a bit more is Laci Green, with an entertaining and informative video.  Enjoy!