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Genderless Baby Re-Blog

Hey everyone, A while back wrote a post called The Amazing Genderless Baby! in which I talked about gender-neutral parenting and parents who choose not to disclose the sex of child. The Bitch Magazine website has just published blog post dealing with the same subject. In the post, titled “End of Gender: Raising a Ruckus” […]

The Great LEGO Debate Continued

Here’s a follow-up to The Great LEGO Debate that wrote about couple of months ago. I don’t really have much more to say on it because Anita Sarkeesian says it all for me. She’s made two SUPER videos about the entire LEGO controversy, delving into history of company and the been marketed, essentially arguing that […]

Support Trans Rights in Canada

Please sign the petition to voice your support the legal protection of all trans people in Canada. According the petition overview: Right now, in Canada, a country that prides itself on inclusiveness and diversity, it is still legal to discriminate against people for aspects of who they are due to the nature of their birth. […]

5 Excuses David Wong Gives Modern Men to Hate Women

Having received 2.3 million hits since being published on March 27th, David Wong’s “5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women” has been catapulted into the Internet hall of fame (at least for a couple weeks).  You’ve probably read it and seen it “liked” on Facebook about a million times.  I read it too.  […]