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Belvedere Vodka: The New Date-Rape Drug

I have often heard — usually from Men’s Rights Activists and anti-feminists on the Internet — that we western feminists have it so good that we need to make shit up to get offended about.  The “actually-oppressed women in Afghanistan and Iraq” are often invoked in debates as a strategy to silence feminists in the […]

At Least They’re Fighting Back?

What is happening with our neighbours to the South lately?  Personhood bills, forced transvaginal ultrasounds, 24 hr. wait periods to access abortion (if you can access one at all), and comparing women to livestock. This just gave me some warm fuzzy feelings. Finally — equal opportunity meddling in people’s reproductive rights! Here’s a video of […]

The Ethics of Choice

Women’s reproductive health care has been a hot topic in the media of late.  In the U.S. especially, right wing politicians are working extra-hard to roll back our access to contraception, abortion, cancer screenings, and information.  I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and news articles related to all these topics, but the one I […]